Rainbow Beaded Keyring - The Aurora Collective
Rainbow Beaded Keyring - The Aurora Collective

Rainbow Beaded Keyring

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You can never have too many accessories. Each of our key rings is handcrafted, they are the perfect small gift or treat for yourself. Silicone beaded key rings are a serious life hack, how can you lose your keys with a fun, bright and unique keychain clipped to them?! Pair your Aurora keyring with one of our wristlets for a serious game changer!

I bet you can't remember the last time you bought yourself a key ring, right? That's what makes them the perfect gift! Either a gift from you to you or a gift to a loved one, key rings truly are an accessory that you can use to upgrade your keys, nappy bag, purse, you name it, if you can swivel a keyring on it - you can accessorise it!

The Aurora Collective offers a range of eye-catching and chic keychains and keychain accessories, from zodiac charms, dainty butterflies, to silicone and wood beads. With a range of different styles, colours and lengths we are sure you will find the perfect key ring for you.10