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Goanna Dreaming Scrunchie

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This Jukurrpa tells the story of a Japangardi man named Wamaru who travelled south from Jarrardajarrayi to Yarripilangu. When Wamaru arrived he approached a group of 'karnta' (women) that were sitting in a circle on the ground. Wanting to woo a woman within the circle, a Nungarrari woman named Yurlkurinyi, but was the wrong skin for him. By tribal law this woman was his mother-in-law and their relationship would be Taboo. Wamaru wooed the woman and developed a relationship, they travelled up Hill in Yarripilangu together. When they arrived the earth turned to 'ngunjungju' (white ochre) and the man turned himself and the karnta into 'wardapi' (goannas)

Artist: Melissa Napangardi Williams


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