Ella Scrunchie Purse

Ella Scrunchie Purse

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Scrunchies are the blast from the past go-to accessory, pulling hair up damage-free and out of the way, all while offering a simple way to accessorise, flaunt your personality and make a statement.

The Aurora Collective offers scrunchies in a range of styles to up your style game in no time! We offer a range of prints, textures and colours, all handmade right on the shores of Sydney, using high quality fabric, you're sure to find the perfect scrunchies to suit you.

Featuring a zipper, our scrunchie purses allow you to insert a few bits and bobs in to free up your hands - perfect for music festivals, going to the gym, or any time you really do want your hands completely free and only need a couple of items - think sanitary products, cash, chapstick, etc. Stylish and functional - what's not to love?!

3 scrunchies are better than 1! Make your own scrunchie pack, simply add 3 scrunchies to your cart and get one of those scrunchies half price at check out - use code SCRUNCHIE