Fragrance Descriptions

Amortentia: Crafted after the very popular Love Spell perfume, this Amortentia fragrance is sure to leave you feeling vibrant. With floral blends of cherry blossom and juicy peach this fragrance is destined to be a favourite.

Apple Pie: Just like mum makes. The fragrance of delicious, home baked apple pie.

Bali Babe: The fragrance of pre-covid when we were able to travel. A fruity scent to remind you of all the times spent by the pool or beach on a luxury escape.

Banana Lollies: The schoolyard favourite, banana lollies is sweet and fruity, the ultimate candle blend to bring back all those childhood memories of visiting the canteen at school or sport.

Black Opium: A take on the popular YSL perfume. Black Opium blends a mix of coffee, cedar wood, orange blossom and a hint of patchouli for the ultimate feminine scent. (This is an interpretation of the YSL Perfume, but has no affiliation with this brand.)

Brazilian Bum Bum: A favourite for many, Brazilian Bum Bum is reminiscent of a day down at the beach. With notes of coconut, vanilla and pistachio, it's easy to see (or smell) why this fragrance is so popular. (This is an interpretation of the Brazilian Bum Bum moisturiser, but has no affiliation with this brand.)

Brown Sugar and Fig: Top notes of fresh figs, peaches and passionfruit blended with coconut milk, vanilla and jasmine. The perfect relaxing scent.

Buttered Popcorn: A delicious smell of freshly popped popcorn. Perfect for sweet and savoury lovers!

Champagne and Strawberries: One of our most popular scents, champagne and strawberries is a delicious combination of strawberries, champagne with a hint of rose and raspberry.

Cherry Blossom: A subtle scent featuring jasmine, strawberry and just a hint of rose.

Cinnamon Cookies: A little treat for you. Cinnamon cookies is sweet and smells just like a batch of home backed cookies, fresh from the oven. 

Clean Linen: The scent of fresh, clean linen on washing day. Airy and luxurious.

Coconut and Lime: The ultimate summer scent and a staple for any candle lover. A fusion of coconut and lime with a hint of vanilla.

Coconut and Vanilla: With a luscious blend of toasted coconut, vanilla and just a hint of almond and peach. Coconut and Vanilla is fresh and sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Cola Bottles: Another childhood memory unlocked! Cola bottles is sweet and just like the lolly!

Cookies and Milk: The sweet fragrance of your favourite childhood tasty treat.

Espresso Martini: A scent of pure roasted coffee. The scent of the $10 martini special at your local.

Fairy Floss: That sweet, sweet scent from the carnival you just wish you could take home with you - except, now you can take it home with you (serious heart eyes).

Fantasy: The cult favourite Britney Spears perfume, but as a candle - is there anything better?! (This is an interpretation of the Britney Spears Perfume, but has no affiliation with her brand.)

Flowerbomb: A take on the cult favourite perfume. (This is an interpretation of the Vikto & Rolf Perfume, but has no affiliation with this brand.)

Frangipani: Everyone's favourite beachy flower scent.

French Lavender: Take yourself to the lavender fields of Tasmania with this fresh scent.

Grape Bubblegum: Smells like the Hubba Bubba gum tape from when we were kids! A real hit for adults and kids alike. 

Hawaiian Sunset: A sweet, pineapple-y fragrance to remind you of sipping cocktails on the beach.

Honey Snaps: Easily have your home smelling like your favourite bakery with the fragrance of honey and cinnamon - your neighbours will be knocking on the door to see what baked goods are on offer in no time!

Hot Cross Buns: My personal favourite Easter treat, keep the Easter festivities going year round with Hot Cross Buns.

Hot Jam Donuts: Is there anything better than the scent of fresh donuts oozing with strawberry jam? Find out with this candle fragrance! A sweet blend of strawberry jam, vanilla sugar, raspberry and buttermilk combine to make this luscious scent.

Japanese Honeysuckle: One of the most loved floral scents, this fragrance blends floral and fruity to make an irresistible candle!

Kiwi Strawberry Lip Smacker: Nostalgia at its finest, Kiwi Strawberry Lip Smacker smells like school days and summer in the 90s and 00s.

Mango and Papaya: One of my personal favourites, mango and papaya is fresh, fruity and summer. The perfect candle fragrance for warm weather lovers.

Mango Sorbet: A fresh scent of mango with notes of peach - smells like summer in Australia!

Miss Dior: Miss Dior is bursting at the seams with floral and citrus notes, blended with mandarin, bergamot and classic florals. (This is an interpretation of the Dior Perfume, but has no affiliation with this brand.)

Musk Sticks: The sweet scent of everyone's favourite lolly bag treat.

No. 5: With notes of ylang ylang, almond, rose, vanilla and sandalwood, this is a great scent for any candle lover. (This is an interpretation of the Chanel Perfume, but has no affiliation with this brand.)

Passionfruit and Lime: A delicious fruity cocktail of fresh passionfruit and lime.

Passionfruit and Paw Paw: A highly requested fragrance, passionfruit and paw paw is a reach blend of summer fruit - will remind you of being on holidays! Bliss.

Pear and Freesia: A delicious blend of ripe pears mixed with white freesia and balanced with amber and woody undertones.

Pina Colada: Pineapple and coconut blended together to make this beautiful take on the famous Pina Colada cocktail.

Raspberry and Rosewater: Juicy raspberry layered with rosewater and earthy, green notes for a sweet and relaxing fragrance.

Sandalwood: A calming fragrance for when you just need to wind down.

Seaside Bonfire: A light amber aroma gently blended with smoky vetiver and tobacco woods.

Sinus Relief: Keep your space cool, fresh and crisp with this fragrance. A luscious blend of eucalyptus, peppermint and menthol with just a hint of lavender. While we can't guarantee this will clear you sinuses, it's worth it just to have you house smelling bliss!

Snow Fairy: A fruity and deliciously sweet blend of cotton candy, pear, peach and summer berries. (An interpretation of Snow Fairy by LUSH Cosmetics, and is not affiliated with LUSH Cosmetics.)

Spiced Rum: The scent of rum mixed with the perfect spices.

Strawberries and Cream Chupa Chups: Strawberries, cream and reminiscence blended into one - enough said.

Strawberry Sour Straps: For my sweet lovers!

Surf Side: For my beach lovers - this reminds me of growing up down at the beach. Fresh and natural.

Tobacco and Vanilla: Based on Tobacco and Vanille by Tom Ford, this fragrance is a luscious and opulent blend of tobacco flower, vanilla and spice.

Vanilla Caramel: A perfect mix of sweet caramel and creamy vanilla. 

Vanilla and Cocoa Beans: A luscious, sweet scent of warm cocoa mixed with creamy vanilla.

Very Vanilla: For my candle lovers that just can't get enough of sweet vanilla - a purely vanilla fragrance!

Watermelon Sugar: The sweet scent of watermelon, smells like a day at the beach.