About Us


Hi! I'm Em and I am so excited to have you here! The Aurora Collective was started in 2020 in my lounge room (much to my boyfriend's dismay) and since then has grown and grown! A business selling only candles and scrunchies has now blossomed into a one stop shop for all your self care needs - something you will regularly hear me preaching about.

I started The Aurora Collective because I love creating! It eases my anxiety and soothes my soul, and while many may think starting a business in the midst of a worldwide pandemic was not a very clever idea, I disagree. The amount of support and love I have received makes me thank my lucky stars for all those around me.

Now, let's get personal! Some things you may not know about me:

- Before starting my business, I had actually graduated as a nurse only months before! I still work as a carer for people who have Dementia and absolutely love it! I am a big advocate for Dementia not being a taboo subject and the stigma needs to be erased - but we can talk about that another time.

- I grew up on the Central Coast and I'm a complete water baby! I have always loved being in the surf and the sun - it's truly my happy place and I am blessed to live by the beach now.

- I come from a relatively big family - we are a mix of Australian and Spanish (which makes the Olympics a very interesting time!)

- I have a pet bunny Thumper who my boyfriend and I adopted when we first started dating!